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Don’t get caught up in the jargon get hair language detangled

From texturising to a chignon we have a lot of words when it comes to hair beauty. I am here today to de-mystify some of the hair lingo. From buying your Cliphair extensions online to popping into your hairdressers you will be able to wow them with your know how and, more importantly, know exactly what you will be getting.


Lingo number 1: Remy hair

When we all first heard this one we just nodded and smiled hoping no-one would catch you as a hair beauty fraud. It is all good. Basically, it means that it is the best type of hair used for commercial purposes. It is good human hair that hasn’t gone under too much harsh processing so that it stays healthy and silky smooth. Another major thing with remy hair extensions is that they have made sure that the cuticles of the hair lineup and the strands are going in the same direction. So if you want it to look and fall in a way that is like natural hair, go remy.


lingo number 2: bevel

I love this word just because of how fun it sounds. The bevel is a term you might hear in the hairdressers but not too regularly. It is a rather technical term for a bend in the hair. We often call it a kink but apparently we are wrong. A good example of a bevel is the tuck under of a bob or some flicks out at the end of 70’s inspired do.


Bob style haircuts



lingo number 3: the chignon

Alright so I mentioned this at the start and I don’t want to be accused of being a tease so here is the chignon. This is an absolutely stunning hairstyle that if you haven’t tried, you need to. This is great to impress the in-laws or fab for a fancy night out. The long hair at the back can either be twisted or rolled up at the base of your head. This baby has french style written all over it.


Lingo number 4: diffuser

These are becoming easier to get in more places and are an absolute lifesaver for curly hair. A diffuser is a type of adapter that you can connect to the end of your hairdryer. It looks a bit funny and the only way I can describe it is that looks like the bottom of a football boot. This makes the hair flow evenly and more gently so if you are like me and have curly or easily frizzed hair definitely try this.


Lingo number 5: Keratin

We are all into protein these days but for those of you not into biology keratin is the name of the protein that makes up our hair. If you have hair extensions, this is why it is important that you have extensions that are made out of human hair. Keratin keeps your hair strong and keeps your hair extensions luscious and sleek. If you want them to last longer, go real.

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