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DIY Sailor’s Knot Headbands

School is almost out and everyone is planning their summer holidays. Whether you are having a stay-casion or going somewhere fabulous, it it almost certain you will be by a beach or pool. Let’s face it this year we may be indulging in the British heat but that is not what we are use to. Warm weather and blue skies are usually wha we find in the Med not when we open our front doors. Is it any wonder we are flocking to lidos and Brighton as often as we can? In honour of our water loving way I am going to show you how to create your own nautical themed headband to help blend your extensions and make your hairdo amazing.





Pull your items together

This nautical headpiece looks incredible but it will make you to make and go through a few loops. You can either base your headpiece on ribbon or rope, depending on what you want your final look to be. You will need around 4 yards and cut it into four. A small hair tie, needle and thread will help you attach your twill. Let’s get started!





Creating your sailors knot

This is the trickiest part of your headband so read carefully. Grab two of the pieces of ribbon or rope and cross it over itself so it looks like a child’s drawing of a fish (this is literally the only way of describing it.) now you are going to grab your second pair of ribbon strands and weave them in. first we are going to start with the bit that looks like a fishtail. You need to thread your second pair under out fishtail ind and over the next. Now we are going up to our loop. Tuck it under one side of the loop, go across to the other side and under that side too. Now we are going to switch sides and focus on threading the other side of your second pair. We are going to be threading in the opposite direction, first over the side of your loop, under your other side of your second pair and back over the other side of the loop. Now you will start to see the shape of your know so gently tug all four ends and tighten it. To make sure that the ends of your knot don’t loosen sew the four strands of rope, about 1 inch from the knot,  to keep them flat on the back.





From decoration to headband

Now that we have a stunning decoration, it is time to turn it into you accessory. Grab two pieces for twill, each three inches. Sew them flat to both ends of your headpiece, Making sure that you line the edge of the twill with the end of the rope and sew about 1 inch from the edge. Place a hair tie in the twill, loop it and stitch it so it is folded over the hair tie, repeat on the other end of your accessory so it is a perfectly rounded and secure headband. Now you are looking nautically fabulous all that is left to do is book that holiday!


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