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DIY hair colouring hacks revealed


Dying your hair at home can really save you a bundle but it can be more than a little scary. Colouring your own hair doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking, it can actually be totally empowering if you do it right. You get to literally transform yourself and whilst you are waiting for the colour to soak in, it is the perfect time put on a face mask. Today I want to help you allay your fears and show you some awesome hacks, you can colour your hair and Cliphair extensions without fear. #wearcliphair.

Hack #1: Section for success

Taking things one step at a time is always the way to success and dying your hair and extensions is no different. If you go for your hair without a plan, things will get messy and overwhelming. The key to success is to section your hair. Split your hair into four squares then work on each square one at a time for a professional job.


Hack #2: Girl’s gotta have her gloss

If you are using permanent hair dye, you have to have your gloss. This will make your hair look gorgeous and make the look seem professional. You really want to focus this on your midsection and your ends and you will slay with this look.


Hack #3: Double the fun

If you want to have the best overall coverage for you and your extensions, don’t leave it to chance and only get one box. This is particularly the case if you are colouring your hair for the first time or are changing colour. If you have used that brand and colour before and are just touching up your roots, one will be enough.


Hack #4: Focus on your roots

So I briefly mentioned roots but they are a serious thing when you are dying your hair. When you are working on your extensions making sure that you pay extra attention just under your clips/binds is super important. Dying all of your hair every time is totally unnecessary. It not only takes longer but it isn’t healthy for your hair to have the same section dyed over and over again. If you find your regrowth is obvious over a couple of weeks, dye it bot only the roots. A toner on your roots and mid sections will help this to blend and for your colour to stay brighter for longer.


Hack #5: Know your natural tones

The more you know your natural hair, the better you will judge what treatment you will need to get the colour you want. For example, if you have some red tinges in your hair then you should know what tones to dye your hair to either extenuate or counteract this. By analysing your own colour and doing your due diligence when it comes to research you will avoid your hair going the colour you don’t want it to. I would suggest looking at a colour wheel to help.


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