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DIY Game of Thrones Headband

Winter in here and so is all the hype about season 7 of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t had all the spoiler alerts on Facebook are everywhere. If you don’t want it completely blabbed you better watch it! We have loved looking at the otherworldly fashion of Arya, Sansa, Cersei and Daenarys and have picked up more than a few ideas that will work in this world. With such amazing actresses and stylists on set it easy to see why we are wanting to play copy cat. We have already done a blog on how to do Daenary’s iconic hairstyle so now I am going to show you how to make the perfect accessory to Thrones up your day. Keep reading to learn how to make your GOT braided headband.




Get your items

unlike many DIY hair accessory this headband is low fuss, perfect for a DIY beginner. For those of you keen on your extensions this is a brilliant way of drawing attention to your amazing locks and it is also brilliant at hiding your clip ins. The materials you will need for this look are simple and easy to get from and craft store. You need: a hair tie, scissors, bronze faux leather strip, a silver rope and a ball chain. To get the right length of material measure around your head (mine is 57cm but everyone is different).




Connect your strands

Put the ends of all three strands together and tie all the ends around your hair tie so your create a tight knot. Try and ensure the ball chain is in the middle to make it easier to tie. The mixture of bronze, silver and the golden beads on the ball chain will look amazing and very GOT.




Braid your hair band

this part is actually the easiest but it is what gives the look it individuality.  We have all done a french braid in our hair (in fact that look is fab with this accessory) and you will be applying the same technique to create this braid. Make sure that you don’t twist the strands as you fold them over each other and be sure the you keep them tight so they don’t break.




Secure your band

Once you have gotten to the end of your braid put the ends of the three pieces together and tie them with a tight knot around the hair tie like you did at the beginning. I would recommend that you tie it to the opposite side of your hair tie so it creates the largest loop. The hair tie will make it able to stretch over buns and other hairstyles. The best way to keep your new headband strong and give it a little shine is the best tool we use to complete our own hairstyles, hairspray. This may sound strange but it binds the strands together. If you don’t want them to get stiff and sticky use alcohol free hair spray and voila you are GOT ready!


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