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DIY elastic hair ties with your style written on them.

We all love to make our styles original, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to start with. This time of year there seems to inspiration everywhere about what we should be doing to glam up our hair for the summer. From flower garlands to amazing bows and clips there is so much to look at but sometimes it can be overwhelming. If you are not into flowery crowns and lace don’t worry we still have you covered.  We all use hair ties for both everyday and special occasion looks. You will make your special one of a kind hair ties to go with every outfit. The are cheap, look amazing and will be amazing for gifts for all your friends. They are the best hair ties ever! So keep reading this step by step how to guide to learn how to make these amazing hair ties.





Get some elastic fantastic

The key to this great look is to getting amazing hair bands is to get some good quality and funky elastic some just coloured, some with glitter. This is so easy to get on the internet but make sure it is at least a couple of inches wide to help with your decorations. Speaking of decorations grab yourself grab yourself some ribbon sliders in heart or star shapes. These things are what make this look totally unique and 100% your own.





Measuring up your kit

We need to make the basic design for our hair tie. It is simple but essential so measure 8 or 9 inches of elastic (depending on how thick your hair is). If you are more into pigtails or just want to add something to the end of your braids then 4 inch pieces are more than enough.





Add a little glitz and glitter

If you want to make it more glamorous add some glitter, if you don’t have glittery elastics, at this stage with some glue. Wait for it to dry. If you want to make it totally yours and unique add your cute star or heart shaped slider. If you don’t fancy wearing it as a hair tie they also look incredible as colourful bracelets, thy look great if you wear more than one at a time.






Creating your loop

Fold it in half and tie the ends together in a knot. Once you have the right size trim the end on a diagonal angle for a finished look.

That’s all there is to it! It is so simple and easy, why not do more than one at a time? If you have a good quality glue it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to dry and get these babies made. They are brilliant to doll up a simple yoga top knot or are perfect to compliment your hair extension for great night out. If you are looking for a cheap, thoughtful gift.

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