Disney Inspired Halloween Ideas

Whatever type of person you are or look up to Disney has your back for inspiration. This time of year is all about playing dress up so why not make it will a long gown and a killer hairstyle. Princesses do not do anything by halves so lacklustre hair is not an option. Get those extensions out ladies, you are going to need them! Keep reading for your Disney inspired Halloween hairstyles, you will look ready to live happily ever after.



To begin create a centre part. We are going to focus on getting the ultra voluminous look jasmine has around her face. Take a one-inch section either side of the centre parting and grab a curling iron. Wrap each section around the barrel once near the roots to add instant lift. Curl the lower third of your hair as well to give it extra body. Create a part from the centre to behind your ears and put on the famous Jasmine headband. Twist the front sections backwards incorporating strands of hair from the back section so it blends. Once you get about shoulder length tie it up out of the way. Once both twists are done tie them up in a low ponytail with a bright blue hair tie at the nape of your neck. To create classic Jasmine shape go down your ponytail a few inches and add another blue hair tie, don’t forget to tug the section to give it body. If your hair is really long you may need to repeat this before you hairspray.



ok, so this look is literally recognised for its length and thickness so clip in hair extensions are a must. Pop them in and make sure they don’t have serum on them so your braids will hold easier. After you have your multiple wefts in creating a centre parting all the way to the back of your head. Either side of the parting at the very back of your head take small sections and create mini braids. Back at the front divide a section on the left side behind her ear and divide it into three. You are going to create an awesome dutch braid incorporate in strands as you go and secure it a couple of inches from the bottom. Don’t forget to pinch each section afterwards to make it look full and repeat on the other side. Tye the two braids together, letting the ends out. You are now going to continue making an ultra thick Rapunzel braid all the way to the end. Wrap the mini braids around your ultra braid to give it extra detail and secure the ends with the end of the ultra braid. To be truly Repunzel add some flower clips to finish



We all know Emma Watson and Belle are a bit fancy so start with some fancy large curls all over your head. Once that is done divide a couple of inches wide square shaped section near the top of your hairline and pin it out of the way.  Take the sections of hair nearest your temples, and right next to your square and tie them into a smooth ponytail. Once it is secure loop the ponytail down and underneath the hair tie to give it more volume. Release your square and create centre part, tease the roots and make sure you have some tight defined curls in this part. Twist the ends on either side of your parting and loop place them in u shape so you can conceal the ends underneath your ponytail. Tease the base of your ponytail and pin it, a couple of inches down to create Belle’s classic bubble bun. Don’t forget to hairspray and add a ribbon around your bun.

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