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If you have naturally really curly hair or you like to create spiral curls this style is for you. Waves are super popular during summer but spiral curls become the go-to style for many of us as autumn fast approaches. Why? Our air naturally gets a little darker as the colder weather arrives and tight curls help show off your hair, plus these curls last for days so you only have to style it once in 3 or 4 days, which saves a bunch of time. If you are on the last day of your curls and you want to do something different you with love this easy look. Keep reading and post your looks on Instagram #wearcliphair to show off your style.


Step number 1: Before you do this style

You could call this prep but if you have naturally curly hair this may not be 100% necessary for you. I wanted to show you how to quickly create heat-free spiral curls so you don’t damage your natural locks and you get the most volume. I want my curls to look luxurious so whenever I create this look, I always put in a hair mask the night before. When your hair has naturally dried add some hair oil to the ends of your locks for shine. Starting from the base of your neck divide your hair into inch sections, comb out any knots and add some mousse.

Rubber Flexi rods are your best friend here. Wind your hair around your flexion, roll it up towards your head and fold the ends over so it stays in place. Do this all over and grab your hairdryer. This is still heated free because you are going to set your hairdryer to cool. This helps speed things up. Once you have done that leave your hair up for 30 minutes and take it out. I always pump up my curls with some Cliphair extensions for extra volume (I use the curled set linked below). Shake your hair and you are ready to go.

Step number 2: choose your most photographic side

This step is all about a deep part so make sure that you have a look at your face and makeup on the day so you know which is your best side today. For me, it is usually my right side. I am going to create an inch wide part just over my right ear all way along the side of my head and sweep the rest over the left side clipping it out of the way for now. Divide this section in half, it is time to braid.

Step number 3: add some flare

Now you have your inch divided, you will be creating two three-strand cornrows down the side of your head. Use a hairpin to secure the end of your braids. Add some concealed pins along the edge of the rest of your curls so they do not fall over your braids. You could leave your style like this but why not finish the look by creating hairpin art and make a snowflake, arrows or hashtags with your pins over your braids to finish.

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