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Create a romantic ponytail for that special day

Ponytails are practical but that doesn’t mean that all they have to be. Ponytails cant look incredibly ‘fairytale’ like and romantic and that is the type of ponytail we are looking at today. This romantic ponytail would be great for an end of year celebration with your friends or a special occasion that you want to look amazing at. if you have an old soul or want to get in touch with your romantic side keep reading this step by step guide to get this romantic ponytail.





Step 1: prepare
This style is great but without the right preparation, it can look awful. thick and well-textured hair is required to make this look amazing. make sure you have a full set of hair extensions to give yourself lovely full layers. spray your hair with texture spray and lightly curl your hair either using heat with your curler or spritzer your hair with some water and divide your hair into quarters and leave them in braids for about an hour.



Step 2: creating volume
When you think of romantic looks there are two things that are musts curl and volume. we have the curl, now let’s add the volume. gather an oval shaped section at your crown, lightly twist at the back, pinch and push up and pin it in place and fan it out.


Step 3: twist it up
This is where your style becomes interesting. Take about a 2-inch section from the left of your crown, spray it with texture spray and twist it away from your face. You are going to slightly finger tease the twist to make it fuller then drape it across the base of your crown section. Loop the ends under before you pin it in place so that the end curls fall in the middle. Repeat on the other side, placing the next twist directly below the one you just created. Continue doing this until you reach the nape of your neck.



Step 4: mess it up
Yes, that is right, we are going to mess with this look a little. You can leave it the way it is and it will look stunning but it is too neat and manicured for a carefree, romantic look in my opinion. But before we do that, we are going to spray our hair one last time with texture spray and with volumising spray as well. This will just help us get the look as full and glamorous as we want it to be so don’t be shy with it. Once you have done that you are going to hold the back of your hairstyle with one hand and gently tug on the sections of your look with the other, starting from your crown. Remember your crown should have the most body as it is the highest point of your style, if this section is too flat it may make the whole style look too heavy and like it is weighing it down.
You are done, I hope you enjoy it!


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