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Cool styles with intricate sections


I love the loud and proud looks but they are not always appropriate. Sometimes understated is the best way to look your best, but understated does not have to mean boring. I love looks that would otherwise be quite plain but have a little twist or edge to them. Today I want to share a couple of styles that are like this. They are perfect from going out straight after work and will get everyone’s stamp of approval, most importantly yours. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to get your intricate looks and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.


Braided updo

This hair is very simple and quick to create. This is great with straight hair so you will be able to see the contrast in texture later. If you are using heated tools to create your straight locks, make sure you add some heat protecting serum on first, particularly on the ends. Now divide your hair into a half up half down style. Tie top half out of the way. Add your hair extensions then divide bottom half into three. Create a standard three-strand braid then secure the ends with a clear hair tie. Tug each section to make the braid look fuller. Let down the top half and split that into three before creating another three-strand braid. Wind the bottom braid around to form a small bun and tuck the ends inside. Use a couple of hairpins to keep it in place. Now it is time to tackle the second braid. Tuck the ends inside then drape the top braid around the bottom of the braid you made into a bun. The aim is to make it look like the ends of your top braid disappear into the bun braid.

The tucked up bun

This look is perfect for a second (or third) day hair. If you haven’t got your extensions in you only need them in around the back of your head for length. Add some dry shampoo to your roots and shake it in to get a little bit more volume. If you have a fringe you can leave it out. Take a small section of hair on the side of your head and split it into three. Fold the sections over each other to create a standard three-strand braid and secure with a clear hair tie. Take another section on the same side near your temple split in half and twist the halves around each other than repeat on the other side of your head. Bring your twists and braids together at the back of your head and remove the hair tie to all of the sections tying the ends of them together in one hair tie. Grab the hair that is still loose and tuck into braids. You will probably need some hairpins to keep it in place, don’t be afraid to fan the bun out a bit and if you are going to be dashing around make sure you add some hairspray.


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