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Common Hairstyles Mistakes


Nothing to shy away anymore. We all have been there in this awful situation and to have lived with regrets. If I knew back then what not to do and how to avoid these mistakes, I would have saved myself a lifetime of embarrassing situations and time-consuming aftermath of hairstyle failures.

So, there are a few things that are in your total control which can help you save heaps of time and you will see what I mean,


Wash, Condition & Rinse your Hair PROPERLY

Running short of time or not being attentive to your hair can buy you some difficult times. Your hair might look clean when it’s not dry, but once your hairstyle is dry, you will end up having greasy and stringy hair. To avoid this at all cost, ensure enough water go through your hair and wash it properly, if you have long hair it’s better to stand under full power shower to help water go through each and every single strand to ensure no leftover residue is still hanging out in your hair. This is straight and simple, wash, condition and rinse PROPERLY.


Over or Under Use of Conditioner

Use enough condition that is appropriate to your hair length. If you apply less conditioner than your hair actually needs, it will cost you your healthy looking hair and replace with fizzy, dry and tangly ones. Whereas over conditioning is more likely to make your hair extremely soft and difficult to handle. So avoid both under or over conditioning and use the amount that your length of hair really need.


Excessive use of Hair Products

Hair styling products are there to help to hold your look you want but if you are using too many of those at a time, then you might be overusing and hence doing it wrong. If your hair type requires a strong type of product, then go for a stronger one instead of putting too much of a mild one for a, it’s waste of money and b, it will damage your hair. It’s important for you to find the right type of styling product for your hair.


Cutting your hair for One-off Occasion

It’s like opening a bank account just for a night. There are too many of us who would nod on this. In my late teens, I have frequently visited hair salons for a single occasion and what I literally could have done and saved myself hundreds and hundreds and those anxious visits, is to buy a few sets of exciting hair extensions to help me get the look for the day or evening. Short hair, but wanting long? No problem. Long hair, but fancy short? No problem at all. From bangs to braids to buns, all is there without you having to cut your hair permanently and you can make use of those hair extensions in future too. Just find yourself a nice section in your wardrobe to fit a variety of hair extensions. That is all.

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