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Cliphair’s Christmas wish list guide

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Christmas is just around the corner and whilst we are busy finishing work before the holidays and rushing around getting everyone gifts. Sometimes we have to drop a few hints to get the gifts we really want in return. As you are all keen to look after your hair I wanted to put together a wish list of amazing hair related presents that you can get from loved ones, to keep your hair looking lush all year round. If you want to see how Cliphair’s extensions look on some of our Cliphair babes #wearcliphair.


Moisturising silky hairspray

If you want your locks to look shiny and stay hydrated this is a brilliant way to do it. It helps keep your hair tangle free and helps you make your extensions last longer. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to an easy way to keep your locks looking lush.

A lovely hair mask

Massaging a hair mask into your hair not only makes your hair look great, it feels divine. This is so essential if you do a lot of heated styling and during the colder months. This is brilliant for your extensions too. If you want your hair to keep looking nice, I would highly recommend applying a mask regularly.


Heat protecting spray

When you are styling your hair using a hairdryer, straighteners or a curling iron it is essential that you protect your hair. Fried ends and dry lifeless is never the look that you want. so if you want a heat protecting spray that adds texture and rebuild your hair from within, this should definitely be added to your Christmas wish list.


An eco-friendly new hairbrush

Changing your hairbrush on a fairly regular basis ensures that the bristles are still doing the best job possible and your hair gets the best brush possible. Say goodbye to breaking hair strands and pulling locks a good brush will be easy to handle and be able to handle your hair type. This doesn’t need to be bad for the environment simply choose a bamboo brush like eco tools to get an eco-minded brush.

Tape in extension tape remover

Tape in hair extensions are so good and have become such a major trend over the last few years. We love how lightweight they are and how adaptable they are as well. The big thing I get asked about often if how to remove the tape pieces from your extensions so you can reuse them. Having an oil-based tape remover that is specifically designed to help you get your extensions ready to take off the old tape and apply the new is such a help.



Some of the best accessories are not very expensive but transform your look. Ribbons and bows are hot right now and are perfect for Christmas and any other time of the year whether you want a casual look or something a little more sophisticated this is something that will be your new best friend


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