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Chopstick hair tutorial


This style is epic and so decorative when I can across it I was mesmerised by the shapes and thought it was so cool to be created using a chopstick. This final product does not have a chopstick in it, but it looks so intricate I could not imagine creating these shapes without the help of your chopstick. It may take a little time to get used to how to do this but it is well worth the wait and is a perfect style when you are dressing to impress. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to create this look for yourself. Don’t forget to tag us #wearcliphair to show off your look.


Step number 1: Preparation
like any style, if you don’t get the preparation right your look won’t be right. I prefer this look on newly washed hair or 1-day hair. You will create a ponytail in a little while so if you are putting in hair extensions, especially clip in hair extensions, make sure that you place them so they are best suited to this style. I used hair extensions for this look because you will be creating an intricate design later which will be difficult to achieve if you have a short layer, particularly with shorter hair. Brush your hair thoroughly and put some hair serum through the lower half of your hair. Make sure that it is heat protecting as you are going to straighten your locks before you move on.


Step number 2: The chopstick method
Once your hair is straight and cool gather your hair into a ponytail. Make sure that your hair is bump free so that it doesn’t ruin the look. Once you are happy with your ponytail place a chopstick through your hair just above the base of your hair tie. Make sure there is the same amount of hair sticking out each side.


Step number 3: Create your design
This part is incredibly easy to do but will require you to see the back of your head so if you are in doubt if you can manage this alone, it is time to ask your friends to lend you a hand. take a small section of hair from the right side of your ponytail and loop it up and over the chopstick, laying it the other side of your ponytail. Now you are going to take a section from the left side (not including the section you have added to that side) and loop it up and over the chopstick laying it over the right side of your ponytail. Continue to do this so that the loops are loosely stacked up on top of each other. Once you have done this 10-15 times pull the ends a bit tighter so that the loops will stay in place. If you are doing this correctly the interlinking sections should start to form an eye shape. Once you are happy with how big the eye part is gathering the ends of the looped section on the right, take them under the left side of the chopstick and pin at the top of your eye then repeat on the other side. Pull your chopstick out and you are done.


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