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Cancer zodiac hair tutorial


Cancers have the symbol of the crab but are not known to be crabby. A cancer woman is known to be wise and nurturing and if you are a cancer girl you are in good company. Ariana Grande, Kristen Bell and Lizzy Caplan are just a few of the celebs who are also awesome Cancers. With so many awesome people that are inspirational, it is time to have a look at a cancer hairstyle that is perfect for a gorgeous Cancer Lady #wearcliphair



Step number 1: Prepare

We are going to create a style that has been popular for the last few years now and is perfect for the festival season, space buns. These can easily look drab is you do not prepare your hair properly. Luckily this style only takes a couple of minutes to create and will stay in all day. To prepare your hair you want to create this style when your hair is at its fluffiest. For me, this is second-day hair. This will ensure your have volume at your roots, add a little dry shampoo to make this even bigger.


Step number 2: Create your base

We all know that the symbol of the cancer star sign is the crab so it made sense to use this as inspiration. The style will not look silly but you will see where the inspiration has come from. Create a centre parting from your hairline to the nape of your neck. This style does require you to have quite thick strands framing your face so take them out now. Brush the rest of the hair from these sections so that they are tangle free then gather them into high pigtails. Pinch your roots a little to add more volume then add your Cliphair extensions around the outside of your ponytails to ensure that you have a lot of thickness and length. You can add some texture spray to your pigtails now if you like a slightly more undone look.


Step number 3: finishing touches

Now that you have the basics sorted, it is time to work with your pigtails to create your big space buns. Starting with your right pigtail, pull your hair halfway through your hair tie then twist the hair tie and pull it halfway through again. Fan our your bun to hide any stray ends sticking out from underneath. Pin in place then repeats on the other side. To add some style to your face-framing locks, add some wax down the length of your finger. Now wind the section of face-framing hair around your finger. Give it a couple of seconds then gently remove the strand from your finger. Scrunch a couple of times to make sure it retains its shape then move onto the next section. Add some hairspray to complete the look so it will stay in place from day to night (especially those strands).

You are finished! Enjoy your Cancer inspired style.


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