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Butterfly affect hairstyle tutorial

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Natural loose style is gorgeous and relaxed. If you are out and about and want a style that will last from day till night then you may be drawn to updo to keep you looking the top of your game. This style is not only an updo that will last all day but is also a really cool style that will get you some serious praise. This style is not seen everywhere yet so you will be able to bring your own style to it. You can have it messier or more manicured, it is up to you. This is a style that will require a slightly unusual styling tool, a chopstick. So grab your chopstick and let’s create this style. #wearcliphair


Step number 1: prepare for perfection

You don’t need to do much to prepare for this look. It is far easier to create with straight hair so after you add some heat protecting serum straighten your locks. If you are using clip in Cliphair extensions, don’t put them in just yet. For all other types of extensions make sure you have them in from the beginning.


Step number 2: create your base

This could not be easier. Brush your hair to it is completely bump free then gather your hair into a ponytail. Loosen it a little at the base. If you are using clip in hair extensions attach them around your ponytail hair tie now. Stick your chopstick through your hair just above your hair tie. Make sure it is the same amount either side.

Step number 3: create your butterfly

Split your ponytail in half and loop the sections up and over each side of the chopstick. Join the two sections together again and secure with a thin hair tie. This will look a bit like a heart. Repeat looping and tying the section again. This may feel a little tight but it is only for a few minutes. You will still have a tail of hair left at this point. Divide it into three equal sections. You are going to weave each outside section inwards and under each other to create a dutch braid. When this is completely secure and tug on the sections so they look full and luscious.

This will help you conceal the hair tie. Once you are happy with how your braid looks fold it up to and pin it on the top of your hair tie at the base of your head. Make sure that you tuck the ends under before you do this. To finish this style take your chopstick out very gently so that you don’t disturb the style). You will notice that the sections you wove around your chopstick are now really cool loops. Before you go out add some hairspray so you have not flyaways and this style will look great all day long.


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