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Bring on the Hygge

Well it is a new year and a new hair colour is smashing its way on to our Facebook feeds and red carpets already. Hygge is here! Originally from Denmark this colour concept mixes beautiful coppers with soft blonde and deep chocolate browns to create a beautiful whirlwind of colour.




What is Hygge?

The term Hygge in Danish meaning “a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special,” is sure living up to its name. These tones are perfect for the winter season, they mimic the autumn tones and bring colour to our faces when we are frosty from the outdoors. The big difference between the hygge and the ombre look is the trio mix of colours and the sheer beautiful subtlety of how it is blended in. Unlike some of the rainbow toned hues we donned in the summer time this look is appropriate in all situations. There is not a boss or manger that could object to these gorgeously blended colours!





Who is wearing it?

Who isn’t? That is the real question it isn’t just your local hairdresser that is having fun interweaving these blends but your favourite celebrities too! Last year was all about the ice blondes but celebrity stylist Riawna Capri (whose clients include the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Hough) has cried “Out with the ice and in with the warmth!” so It would not be a surprise to see these too goddesses rocking the Hygge very soon.




Blend it the way you like

Like most brilliant ideas this colour scheme can be ultered to suit your personality. The rule of thumb is that the tones consist of “soft coppers, rich browns, buttery blonds, and creamy oranges” but no-one said how much of each colour! So if you want a warm hygge that reminds you of a beautiful hot chocolate and a netflix romantic night in, go for a warm copper filled hygge. If, however, you are a summer baby at heart and you would prefer something to remind you of a sunnier climate opt for a cooler hygge with more of the buttery blonde hues. The beauty of this is that you and your friends can all rock this style but still feel like your own person. Love it!




Try before you buy

If you are still unsure about whether or not to rock this style why don’t you fake it? We all have a pair of ombre extensions so it time to get creative! Try a night out without putting your whole set in but instead sporadically placing a few pieces through your hair. The beauty of this is that some can be higher and some can be lower, it doesn’t matter as long as they look deliberate and blended. Although you may not get the full array of buttery blonde highlights this is the best way to try your interwoven copper hues so you can see for yourself how great the hygge style is!



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