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Big, bouncy, boss curls


I am obsessed with a chic tailored suit and bouncy, flowing curls. This look is very Blake Lively and is bound to impress! Whoever your hair idol is, chances are that they have rocked this look at some time. It is not a new look but a well-loved classic. If you are going out to a fancy event or just want to boost your confidence for a big presentation, this is for you. Keep reading to get gorgeous big curls that are broken down into this step-by-step tutorial and share your look on #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: Prepare your hair

Unfortunately, this style does not allow you to have no heat so it is best to start with newly washed/damp hair. You will need to protect your hair but before you do that think about how you want your hair to look. I have not seen this on really short hair so I wouldn’t recommend. It looks great with medium/long hair so if you are like me and have shorter locks, put in your Cliphair extensions. Brush them when they are in then add your heat protecting serum.

Step number 2: Create your shape

I have discovered the best way to get big curls is to blow dry your hair. You want to get as much air to your roots as possible. If you want to avoid heat damage then turn your hairdryer to cool. As you have the nozzle of your hairdryer pointing at your roots, brush your hair forward. This gives you the volume you want. When you are happy with your volume, you can focus on smoothing your hair back and blowdrying the rest of it. It is time to grab that round brush. I find that a wooden brush with natural bristles works the best for everyone’s hair type and they are eco-friendly. You want your brush to have an 8cm diameter to get the big curls you want. Separate a large strand/1-inch section and apply the brush to the roots. It is better to start at the nape of your neck. You will now need to slowly move it up so that hair will stretch. wrap it around the brush and heat it up with a hairdryer. Have your hairdryer over your hairbrush and direct the air downwards from the roots. Make sure you are rolling your hair slowly. This will let your hair cool down but pin your curls until it is cool.


Step number 3: Finishing touches

Your hair will be all pinned up. Before you take them down add a little to your curls to help them keep the shape. Once you take your curls down run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls a little and finish off with 1 more layer of hairspray.


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