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Best Hair on the Catwalks – New York/London Fashion Week 2015

As New York Fashion Week (Autumn/Winter) approaches a crescendo in typically fabulous style, so too does London Fashion Week. The two events run almost concurrently at this time of the year, making for a wildly exciting month for fashion enthusiasts.

For the next few weeks, high profile fashions magazines are going to relish every little detail of both events. We will be presented with endless pictures of Kim Kardashian looking immaculate on the front row, as well as scores of ‘style breakdowns’ discussing who had the best FROW look. In fact, not enough attention is paid to the best hairdos, but we are here to remedy that.

We think that it is about the right time to look back on the best hairdos of Fashion Week 2015 – after all, it won’t be long before our favourite runway stars are back to do it all over again, in September, for the Spring/Summer shows. Here are some of our favourite hair styles from New York/London Fashion Week.

Side Parting Extraordinaire

This hot trend is a super stylised look, so it should only be tackled by those with a penchant for turning heads. It’s the extreme side parting, a look that has more than a little catwalk androgyny to it. This year, it was pulled off to perfection by the models of Oman, who stomped the runway in minimalist designs and simple fabrics. In order to pull of this look, try taking a selfie and analysing it to work out which side your part looks best on. The half fringe that this style creates doesn’t have to be flawless either – starlets like Miranda Kerr and supermodel Cara Delevingne have been spotted wearing theirs in a delightfully messy way.


you can view first two images here and the third one here

The Slicked Back Pony

There is something deliciously retro about the basic slicked back ponytail, despite the fact that it has never really gone out of style, so has never really been out of fashion. It is a classic look, and very versatile, because anything can be done with a top quality pony. It is something which Dior played with this month, but in a brand new kind of way. It sent its models down the runway sporting beautifully quirky chain link ponytails, complemented by simple accessories.

The Messy Fishtail

This is one hairstyle which simply will not die, so beloved is it at the moment to fashion designers, models, and style fans aplenty. It could be because it offers such elegance and sophistication for what is generally a very simple hairdo. Whilst the fishtail braid can take a little time to get used to, and even be a little fiddly to achieve, it isn’t a style which requires hours of preparation. It can be conquered, coiffured, and worn for almost any occasion. If you want to try it for yourself, pick up a clip in extension piece from ClipHair (around 18-22 inches in length) and start practising.


you can view first two images here and the last one here

The Mermaid Waves

It looks like super sleek nautical waves are set to be all the rage this summer, particularly after rising star Michael Van Der Ham sent his catwalk babes out rocking beautiful, gentle bouncing curls. The thing to remember about this look is that the curls should start about halfway down your face, around where your eyes are positioned. The hair above this point should stay straight and glossy. If necessary, use a blow dryer after washing to tease the bottom half of your hair into soft, gentle waves. In fact, this look lends itself perfectly to the use of clip in extensions, as partially styled hair pieces look best when they’re amongst artfully tousled locks.

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