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Behind the scene tricks to how I do my hair in a rush

I am not like a lot of bloggers, I don’t spend all day doing my hair. I think that is actually a good thing rather than a bad thing. My day typically includes snoozing my alarm a few times, feeding the cat, having a shower and then doing my hair. That often means that when I leave the house in the morning I haven’t spent more than 10 minutes (at most). I still look presentable and that is because I know some tricks. Keep reading to find them out.




Don’t believe every picture you see

Pinterest and Instagram are filled with pictures that look wonderful and claim to be done super quickly but that really depends on your definition of quick. For me, it is 2 minutes or less but for other people, it can mean 10 minutes. Be aware of how long a tutorial video is before you begin, particularly if you are short of time.


Curly hair brushing

I hear so many theories about when to brush curly hair. Some people say it is nuts to brush your hair in the morning whilst others swear by it. There is no right or wrong but what has worked well for me is brushing my hair when I have conditioner in. This works for two reasons:

  1. it ensures that the conditioner s spread evenly throughout your hair


  1. the moisture can help you work out any knots you might have.

If it is an in-between day I will often brush my hair straight after coming out of the shower. The steam is more likely to cause frizz then.




Sleep right

I occasionally fall out of the habit of this but I find my hair knots far less and forms really nice waves if I divide my hair in half and create two braids. If you are going to do this please make sure you create the braids from the nape of your neck and not further up, this will make it easier for you to sleep. Another tip I have picked up over the years is to co-coordinate wash days with special occasions. If I know I have a big event on I will make sure I change my pillowcase night before. Sleeping on a clean pillowcase will make your hair less impacted by static and, therefore, less frizzy.


Brush choice

There is only one type of brush that should be used? Rubbish! Everyone’s hair is different so it makes sense that you will find the brush that is right for you. This will probably be different to your best mate so don’t just follow the crown. The way you typically style your hair as well and your hair type and thickness all have an impact on what type of brush is right for you. I love paddle brushes for my thick mane. The other thing that is worth mentioning is that the brush that is right for your hair won’t be the same for the hair extensions you need to make sure that you get rubber/flexible hair brush bristles.



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