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Awesome styles with bows


Bows have become super high fashion again after appearing in some cool new looks in during London Fashion Week. We know bows have been around for years but not many of us will have worn them since childhood. This seems like such a shame. They don’t have to be cute and small and childish bows formed from ribbons can look incredibly elegant.

Today I want to share some of my favourite bow styles with you that are perfect for every occasion. If you like these looks as much as I do, follow the step-by-step guide and #wearcliphair to show off your look.


The full bodied half up style:

This look is so easy to do and is perfect with either curly or straight hair. This looks great with lovely thick hair and is very Brigit Bardot. To begin put a full set of your Cliphair extensions in and brush your locks so that your extensions blend properly. Now gather top layer of hair at the back of your crown (in line with the top of your ears) and secure with a thin hair tie.

Don’t include all the har from the front of your hairline or near your ears. Tug the top and sides to add volume and fan out the look a little. The next part is a brilliant way for you to ensure that you locks don’t loose body. lift your ponytail and put a few bobby pins upside down, as you are attaching the pins to the hair underneath push it upwards to get a bit more height. Get a long piece of ribbon and wrap it around the hair tie from underneath. Tie a tight bow, leaving a lot of length at the sides so they can show off how nice and long your locks are.



The low messy bun style:

This may be a messy style but I still think it looks perfect for a night out. Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Pinch the hair just above to give the hair tie to give the top part more body and attach your clip in extensions around the hair tie to add some lovely volume. I often use a darker ribbon to wrap around the hair tie so that you are able to conceal the ridge of your extensions easily. Create a knot and pull it tight but don’t form your bow yet. First thing you need to do is place your hand under your ponytail and loop your ponytail around your hand a few times, making sure that your ends are in the middle. Cross your ribbon through the loop and pull it tight to keep your hair in place, if you have layered hair you may want to add a bobby pin as well. Make another knot at the top of your loop and complete your look by forming your bow at the top.

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