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Awesome style to rock with a hair accessory


Hair accessories are coming back in a big way this year from a chunky headband or amazing bobby pins. These look great with your hair down if you want to use them both functionally and to look great. If you feel like you are in love with an accessory you can not always wear the same hairstyle. This style is great for complimenting your accessory, this shows it off but doesn’t let your accessory dominate. Grab your accessory, grab your Cliphair extensions and let’s get started.#wearcliphair


Step number 1: Preparation

I think this style looks great when you do it on second-day hair. Add some dry shampoo to your roots then gently tease your roots to add some volume. Now add a full set of extensions so you have lovely full hair and brush it thoroughly so your hair is beautifully blended. Add some heat protecting serum and straighten your locks. It will make it easier to work with your hair. To make sure that you place your accessory where you are happy I would suggest you place it now. Take some strands out near your temples and to frame your face.


Step number 2: create your base

Take a one-inch section of hair from in front of your hair accessory. This works better if your accessory is centred to maintain symmetry. If you have smaller accessories or glam bobby pin try putting them in both sides. split the section of hair you separated into three and dutch braid it. You will need to add strands of hair as you head down to your neckline. Work your way along your neckline until you reach ¾ of the way along your head. Continue with a standard three-strand braid and secure with a clear hair tie. If you want your hair to look fuller tug on your rows. Repeat on the other side to create another dutch braid although this one will be a lot smaller.


Step number 3: make your updo

You are going to be using quite a few bobby pins for this step to make sure that you have a few to hand. Tuck the ends in and use the elastic that you used at the end of your braid. Now pin your larger dutch braid along the rest of your neckline. I used about 3 bobby pins but make sure you pin it from underneath. With the smaller braid you are still going to tuck the ends up but now you are going to tuck the smaller braid under your larger braid from the top, ideally, there should not be any ends sticking out. If you want to wear this on a special occasion I would suggest twisting the face-framing strands. If you have left too much hair free at the front simply twist it and weave it into your braid on both sides. I packed a few extra bobby pins before I went out and added some hairspray. Do this and your hairstyle will last all day.


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