Awesome steps to getting the best blow-dry style


Blow-drying your hair is a chore that can sometimes be painful and sometimes pleasurable. For those of your that have hair that doesn’t air dry very well it feels like an essential and for the rest of us, it is a massive time saver. The problem is we know it isn’t brilliant for your hair or the planet so getting it right and spending less time on it is pretty high on everyone’s priority list. Today we are going to talk about how to get that perfect blow dry and leave your home feeling fab.


Step number 1: Are you towelling right?
This sounds silly but so many people aggravate their hair before they even start to blow-dry. If you rub your hair together in your towel, please stop. It causes so much static and actually can cause hair breakage which is not great for your locks. Your towel is simply to stop your hair dripping on the floor. Another thing to bring up is the type of towel you use. The cheap towels are not always the best for your locks. Have you ever heard of microfibre towels? These are super absorbent and are kinder on your hair so it is worth thinking of.


Step number 2: Get your hands on a hair drying brush
Yes, yes I know it an extra expense but I am telling you it is worth it! There are a few brands that do these so look online for one that suits you. The difference between this brush and a conventional brush is the design. Much like a donut, this brush has a hole in the middle. This is great for ventilation and will help you get your hair ready quicker. So before you start regularly blowdrying your locks get your hands on this awesome brush and don’t forget to brush from the ends up to your roots once before you start blow drying.


Step three: Time to add protection
Like any form of heated tool, you need protection. It doesn’t matter if you are using heated tools on your own hair or extension, protecting products are an absolute must. This stops your strands from becoming absolutely fried so invest in some heat protecting products for the future of your hair. Cliphair has a great heat protecting spray that I great for your hair extensions and your hair. Heat protecting serum is also great if you are going to blow-dry your hair and then use other heated tools.


Step four: Pick the right temperature
I know it is getting cooler but whoever said you have to have your hairdryer on the hottest setting. It is a myth that the only way to dry your hair is with hot air. Think about it, even when it cool outside you are still able to air dry your hair so why would it be any different with a hairdryer? If you blow dry your hair regularly it is time to think about the health of your hair and turn down the temperature to at least a lukewarm.


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