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Awesome pull through styles you have to try

I am all for styles that look great and sometimes spending an hour on your hair to make it look amazing can be so much fun, but let’s face it, none of us wants to get up at 5am every day just to do our hair. Pull through styles are brilliant for faking more difficult styles like fishtail braids so this is a brilliant hair hack to save you time and keep you looking great. I have put together some of my favourite pull through styles that I use literally every week. If you are looking for some pull-through styling inspiration, look no further.



The pull through ponytail

This is the style you see the most on Pinterest and it looks lovely and thick and glamorous. This style looks great if you have a fringe or want to pull out some strands to frame your face. That makes it more casual and more of an everyday look. Brush the rest of your hair so it completely bumps free then gather your hair into a high ponytail. Attach your extensions around your hair tie evenly and wrap some strands around to cover the seems. I feel like the bubbles look nicer if your hair is straight from the beginning so they look smooth and sleek. Split your ponytail in half, you are going to focus on the bottom part first. Separate your bottom section in half then join them back together on top of your top half before you tie it up with a clear hair tie. Continue this to the end of your ponytail.


Pull through halo braid

This style looks so romantic and beautiful, it is one of my favourite weekends looks right now. It is relatively simple but looks great. I started off by adding some extensions to the lower half of your head so my main looked smooth and full. If you want this look to really wow make sure that you curl the lower third of your hair. I usually start about an inch back for this style so that my half still has a lot of flow to the front of it. Create a shallow side part and take a one-inch section to the right of it. Grab a clear elastic hair tie and secure your mini ponytail near the roots (but so it can still lay flat). Now re-part your hair in the centre and take a section to the right of your new parting. Split this section in half and flip your mini ponytail up in the gap. Add some strands of hair from underneath your two sections before you join them together again and secure with a hair tie. Now bring your first ponytail down, divide it in half and flip the second ponytail up in between the gap. Add some strands to the under part of your divided ponytail, rejoin the two sections and secure with a hair tie. Repeat this process until you get to the back of your head then start on the other side. Don’t forget to hairspray your curls so they stay in place.



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