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Awesome hairstyles for thickening thinner hair

If you have read my blog last week you would have read the one about brilliant extensions for naturally thinner hair. Now you have your tape in extensions and ordered and taped into perfection by a hairdresser it is time to look at some great styles to go with them. When it comes to hairstyles that suit naturally thinner hair it isn’t just about backcombing and hair spraying your locks to within an inch of their life. The trick to having a hassle-free hair day is to find some styles that don’t look flat or flatten easily. Research isn’t fun so we have done the hard work for you. Keep reading to check out your awesome hairstyle ideas.


Long strand light curl

This one is lovely for something a little bit special. If you are a big Kate Middleton fan you will notice that she has done this technique on more than a few occasions. If your hair isn’t newly washed don’t worry too much you are going to rock a side parting and that is, after all, why products like mousse and dry shampoo were invented. What really gives this style its shape and natural sway is a slight curl. Wrap the bottom third of your around your curling wand and hold for a couple of moments. You only want light curls so run your fingers through your curls and spritz lightly with hairspray to hold.


The classic half up hairdo

This one has been rocked by royalty of the country and the big screens and is a total winner. If you want to give your hair a boost around the crown and draw attention to your eyes, this one is a winner. It doesn’t take much time or effort so it is fab if you are running late. In fact, if you don’t want to tie your hair up you can use hair pins instead, both look amazing so whichever you have on hand will look brilliant. If you want to show off your layers or even create them this is the easiest style to achieve it. To make sure your hair isn’t plagued with flyaways put on your hair serum and go over the top of your crown area with an old toothbrush. It is light and won’t ruin your style like a hairbrush. You can curl the ends if you want to jazz it up for a special occasion or leave it straight for an everyday style.


The volumising waves

This one is fairly well known. A sleek and straight style is definitely in this year but if it is your aim to create extra body this is not the way to go. Waves create that extra movement and the shape is physically bigger so it makes your hair look bigger. So whether you are grabbing your curling iron or going heatless and creating waves with big set braids let waves become your volumising go to.

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