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Are you thinking of going white blonde this summer? You need to read this

Summer is always a time to experiment with your hair colour and white blonde either as a balayage or an all over colour is one of the most popular. This colour suits so many people but is a big change, particularly if you are coming from darker coloured hair. Before you rush to the hairdresser there are a few things you should know. If you want all the facts about white locks keep reading.



Don’t expect perfection in one sitting
I learnt this one when I went white blonde a few years ago. As many of you know I am a chestnut brunette so I think I was a bit naive but let my hind-site be your fore-site. If you are looking at going up more than one shade then you will need more than one sitting.




Is it one shade?
Nope. Yes, white is a shade rather than a colour but there are many types of white. If you have ever looked at paint samples you will know this is true. The purple platinum that your granny rocked is back in style an Marilyn Monroe’s icy white never went out of style. Some of the things you should consider when choosing your shade of white are your eye colour and your skin tone. If in doubt ask you hairdresser but I would go along with some photo references so you are both clear you are talking about the same shade.





Try before you buy
The bottom line is this is not, traditionally speaking, a natural colour so it doesn’t suit everyone. The last thing you want to do is go through the whole process of and then not like how it looks. I would suggest getting something like a quad weft extension piece in the shade you want and tie back the rest of your hair. It is only holding the hair extensions against your face that you will tell if you like it with your skin and eyes.




It takes a bit of effort
It will look brilliant in the hairdressers but it can quickly go from chic to shabby at home. White blonde locks are often bleached so they take a pretty big toll on the health of your hair. You will find that your ends will get dryer so if you don’t take care of them you will get split ends and frizz. Hair masks once a week and hair serum will become your best friends. Toner is also super important for white hair. So many things, from the sun to products, can make your air brassy so toner can help keep your locks looking pure and snow white.



It is the perfect way to turn heads
Now I have gotten all the hard information out of the way let’s turn to the positive. This colour hair looks amazing and is definitely a head turner. It doesn’t matter if you are into a vintage/classic look or are more rock and roll this will suit your style as long as walk with confidence.

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