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Aquarius inspired hairstyle

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Aquarius ladies will know that water is your symbol. You are women who have big hearts, passionate and quirky. Putting a water symbol is there I was first inspired to create waves but considering your quirky traits, I thought that would be too predictable. Instead, today I want to show you a mermaid braid. This takes the water theme and makes it so much more interesting and also keeps your hair out of your face so you can rock this intricate style when are out and about. To learn how to create this Aquarius inspired mermaid braid to keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: prepare your basics

So before you have you in this beautiful style you have to make sure that you have the basics covered. For this style, the basics include straight hair. You will be twisting your hair later but it is so much easier to handle when straight. I put my Cliphair extensions in first and added some heat protecting serum to make sure my hair didn’t get fried, add little more on the ends of your hair.


Step number 2: make your base

To create a solid base for this look separate an oval shape at your crown. Once you have secured it with a hair toe don’t worry about it being smooth, you want to focus on the volume for now. Divide the end of the ponytail into three even sections and create a three-strand braid.


Step number 3: focus on the front

Now that we have worked on the base it is time to turn out attention to the front. Create a centre parting that goes from your hairline to the front of the crown section. You are going to lightly curl your hair either side of this parting so that you have mid-sized distinct curls. Twist the curl you have created, add some texture spray and pull it up towards your head so you have a big, airy curl. Create a gap in the top of your three strand braid and thread your curl through it. Repeat on the other side. Work your way around in 1-inch sections around to your ear on each side.


Step number 4: the end pieces

This look is relatively easy when you are working with hair that it directly near your hairline but you probably don’t want your hairstyle to stop halfway down. To continue this style down to the end of your three strand braid. You don’t need to curl the strands anymore just twist and pinch them and pull them through. To stop the ends looking thin and limp pinch your three strand braid and pull it out as well as your twisted sections. To finish the look I tried to get rid of the use of a hair tie. Hold the braid just above the hair tie then, with a wide-toothed comb, backcomb the ends of your hair to create a secure base for your braid. Add some hairspray then you are done.


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