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Amazing end of year Prom style


It is coming to the end of the academic year which means that you may be preparing for or taking exams) good luck but it also means that you have Prom coming up when you can relax am a party with your friends. It is always nice to have something you can look forward to when you are a little stressed and I want to help you make that night magical. There are loads of prom ideas I could share with you but this one is always a winner so it is definitely worth thinking about. If you want some prom inspiration to wow your friends and date alike to keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and #wearcliphair.


Step number 1: Preparation

The texture is an absolute must with this look so to make sure your hair has a lot of body and texture pop in a full set of your Cliphair extensions. If you have time add some heat protecting serum to your hair and curl the lower third of your locks. Once your curls have cooled add some texture spray.


Step number 2: form your crown

As with a lot of evening looks having a crown that has lots of volume and style is important. Take a small oval section at your crown. Pinch it at the roots so that it retains its height then begin to twist this section from a couple of inches down, making sure not to lose the height you just created. Push this section up and pin it to secure it before you fan out the section to give it a more elegant feel.

Step number 3: add more twists

Take a large section to the left of your crown section. You are going to twist this section away from your face and pinch your twist to give it more volume. Drape your twist across the right side concealing where the bobby pins secured the middle area. Take a large section to the right of your middle area and repeat this process. You are going to do this again on both sides a little further down, towards the nape of your neck. This will give its really intricate and romantic look.

Scrunch the hair that is still left loose so your curls don’t look too perfect. This is also the perfect time to go back and check if you are happy with your crown section, you may need to pinch it a little. To finish this look add some hairspray and enjoy your Prom.


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