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All you need is a coffee and extensions- perfect styles for day to night look

For me one of the best thing about hair is that it is super versatile and because it is literally a part of us, it says a lot about our personality. I love going out with friends after work and I know that you all do too but there often isn’t time to go home and glam ourselves up. So the option we have is to find some ideal hairstyles that work perfectly with both work outfits and evening looks. That is what I want to share with you all today. I have collected some hairstyles that I love and work wonderfully day to night.



French twist

This look obviously brilliant with work outfits but I absolutely love it with a cocktail dress. To start this look make sure your hair has a little texture to make it interesting. This can be anything from adding texture spray to your to curling or even crimping your hair. This will make your style a little bit more interesting. Horizontally divide your hair in half, we are going to focus on the bottom section for now. Add some hair extensions ad tease your roots for a little bit more volume then gather and scrunch your hair so it looks like a mess twist. You are not going to use hair ties to secure your twist but hairpins. This allows it to retain some fullness and effortlessness. Now you are going to let down the top section and create a side shallow side part. We will repeat the process but to add a bit of diversity make sure that you scrunch and twist your hair in the opposite direction. If you want to take out some face-framing strands do so now and spray to finish.


Ponytail twist

We are continuing with the twisted theme. Twists look stylish and fun so it is no surprise that this look is an upscale version of a ponytail. I love this look extra long to add a little bit of drama so I used my 24-inch Cliphair extensions. To make the most of the extra length I gathered what I affectionately call the princess crown. It is an oval shape, so you still have some strands either side of your face, then going around and tapering off around your crown section. If you use a fishtail comb you can get this really precise and beautiful looking. Push this up and pin it to get some height. Separate the sections either side of your centre part at your hairline and put it out of the way for now. Gather the rest of your hair to create a ponytail a few inches below your crown hairpins. Moving onto the front sections, make sure that your part is the dead centre so you are working with the same amount of hair either side. Split each side in half, you are going to create twist braids down the length of your sections and tug them so they are lovely and full. Wind your twist braids around your ponytail and pin them in place.


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