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A modern take on a 20’s look, the perfect way to ring in 2019

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If you are after a little bit of glitz and glamour, then this is the style for you. I love it with or without a fringe and it brings a vintage vibe to your new year’s style. Who doesn’t want to pretend you are part of an old Hollywood movie? So, if you are looking for hair inspiration to rock in the new year like a diva, this is the tutorial for you. I would love to see all your styles on Instagram so #wearcliphair when you have completed your look.


Step number 1: Prepare your base

This is a look that is amazing with a little bit of oomph. After you add your Cliphair extensions spray your roots with some dry shampoo and brush it through. Add some heat protecting serum to your locks and curl your hair. Release the curls into your hand and pin them to hold the shape whilst they are cooling.

Step number 2: Divide and conquer

One the curls have cooled, let them down and run a wide tooth comb through them so you turn your curls into lovely loose waves. Now divide some hair at the top of your crown out of the way and divide the rest of your hair into rows. Starting from the row at the nape of your neck, gently tease your roots to maximise your volume and it will help your bobby pins grip better.


Step number 3: Time to tie

Now that your hair has some real oomph divide the hair that is not up in half. Grab one of each half in your hands. You are going to tie your hair as if you are tying up your shoelaces. To hold this knot in place add a few bobby pins in the middle of the knot, don’t worry this will not be on the show. With the ends, you are going to place so that they look like a curl and pin them both into place. If you have a few layers you will have to make a few smaller curl shapes and pin them in the centre area at the back (or as close to it as your hair can reach). Once you have done the same with hair that is closer to your temples you will have at least 5 lovely curls gathered at the back.


Step number 4: Focus at the front

Now that you have the back and sides of your hair sorted, it is time to draw your focus to the front. Create a shallow centre parting them focus on the hair to either side of this parting separately. I worked on the left side first as I always find my right side turns out better so I wanted it on the top, that is totally up to you. Divide your left half into half again. You are going to wind these halves around each other to create a twist braid and incorporate it with your other curls, spritz with hairspray and you are finished.


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