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A heatless look that is perfect for festivals

The festival season is here (and so is the rain) so it is time to grab your wellies, glitter and listen to some awesome music. For most people going to festivals is about taking pictures and making incredible so it makes sense that you turn up looking fabulous. That is great for the first day but there isn’t any electricity (or even running toilets) so that makes it difficult to maintain fabulous hair. So instead of being disappointed for the rest of the weekend, it is time to switch to heatless hairstyles and remember they still have to be playful, it is the festival season after all. Keep reading to check out some awesome festival ready styles.




Braids are a great go-to for if you want to create awesome braids. The look we are creating today begins with curls and since we don’t have sockets for heated tools first you need to create heatless waves. I never remember to braid my hair after a full day of festival partying so I prefer to go for a quicker heatless curling method. I really love this and works super quickly even with my extensions in. so if you haven’t got your Cliphair extensions input them in now. A big tip before you start creating your festival look is to spritz some dry shampoo onto your roots, it will help with any greasy roots and give you some added volume.




Create your heatless waves

Spritz your hair with sea salt spray and gather it into a high ponytail so it is easier to manage. This sounds super weird but I actually pack spare socks for the purpose of hair styling. Divide your ponytail into sections and wind it around the sock away from your face. Bend the ends of the socks around and pin them together so your curls can form and repeat with the other sections of your ponytail. If you want your waves to be tighter, make the sections smaller. Let these set for five minutes and hairspray your sections before you take them all out.



Make your braids

Pack some coloured cord to help you accessorize. Start by separating two sections behind your ears and create basic dutch braids. Before you secure tie some cord to the hair tie and wrap it around the end. Create a centre parting get some sections either side of your parting. Create basic dutch braid either side. To make your braids special cut a long piece of cord that is the length of your braid once folded in half. Wrap it in a crisscross motion down the length of your braid and tie a knot at the end, it looks amazing. Remember this year colour seems to be particularly important so you can either do one statement coloured cord for all of your braids or try multi-tonal cords or even cords with some glitter on them for a little bit more of a glamorous look.

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