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7 strand braid tutorial

Authored By Katie O' Connor


We all love our go-to styles like ponytails and buns but sometimes it is nice to have a change. Intricate styles are so beautiful on Pinterest and Instagram. We cannot deny that we look at them with a little envy. I saw this 7 strand braid a little while ago and I thought it was about time I try it out myself. It is so much easier than I first thought and a great style to try if you are going somewhere and know you are going to have a lot of photos taken of yourself. Keep reading this step-by-step tutorial to rock the 7 strand braid yourself and, as always, #wearcliphair.


Time to prepare

Start this look by putting in a full set of hair extensions in (if they aren’t already) for length and volume. Length and volume are essential to make this style work. I used my clip in Cliphair extensions but you can use any type of extension for this look as long as you double check that you have covered all your bonds. It is perfect for newly washed or second-day hair with dry shampoo. Either way, make sure that your hair is brush thoroughly so that your extensions are blended properly.


Divide and conquer

Create a shallow side part then bring all your hair to one side. leave an inch section of hair near your parting, along with your hairline then tie the rest of your hair into a low side ponytail. Divide your ponytail into three equal sections.

Create your 7 strand braid

Leave the centre section loose and create a three-strand braid with the left and right sections. Secure the ends with a thin clear hair tie. The next part is a little tricky so read it a couple of times before you try it. Take the centre loose section and tread it up and through the middle of the top row of the left braid. Now thread it through the centre of the second row. This section of hair is essentially acting as a shoelace. Continue weaving your strand in and out of the two braids al the way to the ends. Once your centre braid is fully incorporated into the other two braids, wrap a clear hair tie around all of the braids to secure it all together ass one braid. You can now remove the other two hair ties you put in earlier.


The final piece

This is the final stage in creating this terrific look. The section of hair you left out next to your parting is going to be incorporated. If this section is not as thick as you would like it to be you can add a one clip extension piece to the back. Create a mini dutch braid with this section. Once you have reached the end, drape it backwards and wrap it around the hair tie at the top to conceal it. Pin the ends at the back, add some hairspray and you are done. Enjoy your fantastic bohemian 7 strand braid.


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