7 reason to wear micro-ring hair extensions

There has been such a surge in people wearing hair extensions this year so I know at least a few of you are newbies. This isn’t just for you, but it definitely will help. If you have heard of tape ins, clip ins and micro rings it can be really confusing to know what is right for you. Today I am going to tell you all about micro ring hair extensions and why they are awesome. If you are looking for something more long-term then micro ring hair extensions are definitely something worth considering.

clip in hair extensions-micro rings-no glue


Reason 1- No glue needed

This is a big one. If you are not a fan of the idea of adding glue or tape to your hair but want something that is long lasting this is definitely worth considering. Cliphair micro ring extensions are not held in with any nasty chemicals but are secured using silicone lined aluminum rings instead.


Reason 2- they are very natural looking

One of the biggest concerns most people have is that their hair extensions will look fake because the section that secures your extensions to your head will be obvious. You can relax with micro rings hair extensions because this isn’t the case. Unless you have been wearing hair extensions for years the first few times I would ask a hairdresser to put them in for you. If you are putting them in yourself make sure you leave enough room from the hair’s roots.

clip in hair extensions-micro rings-last ages

Reason 3-They last ages

If you look after your hair extensions and use good quality (SLS and alcohol-free) hair products then your hair extensions could last up to 6 months. Imagine only buying 2 sets of hair extensions a year, that is a big bang for your buck.

clip in hair extensions-micro rings-dyeable


Reason 4-they are dyeable

If you want hair extensions you can put your signature on and wear every day then these are your go to. Cliphair extensions are made with real Remy human hair making them smooth, healthy and as easy to dye as your own hair. There are pre-dyed ones including ombre but if you want balayage or something different there is nothing stopping you.

clip in hair extensions-micro rings-thickness

Reason 5- they as loads of thickness

The reason these micro ring hair extensions are particularly effective is that you attach the extension to the same sized section of your natural hair. That means that the extensions will be evenly distributed and that it will match the thickness of your hair perfectly and look very natural.

clip in hair extensions-micro rings-timesaver


Reason 6- time saver

I love the clip in hair extensions but if you are thinking of wearing hair extensions every day they are not practical. You have to take the clip in hair extensions out after every time wearing them and look after them but with micro ring hair extensions, you can look after your extensions with them in. this will save you loads of time.

clip in hair extensions-micro rings-limited-damage

Reason 7- it causes limited damage

Unlike many other types of the hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions are not as harsh on your hair. Since there is not immense weight on one part of hair or tension at your roots micro rings do limited damage to your locks.

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