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3 easy ways to update your routine right now


Your hair care routine should always be evolving. It doesn’t mean big things have to change but there are certain things that affect your hair that will cause you to need to tweak your routine.from humidity, change of season, ageing and colouring the way your hair reacts to all of these things. This means that you have to adjust the way you treat your hair. These are not big changes that cost a lot of money but a couple of small things that will help you nourish your hair and extensions and update your routine today. #wearcliphair.


Let your conditioner soak in

Conditioner is great for your hair and your extensions. This is not news to you but most of us wash our conditioner out far too soon for it to do real good. If you colour your hair and extensions or they are just feeling drier than normal, this is something you need to change. Let your conditioner soak in for 10 minutes. This will allow the nourishing conditioner to soak into your hair’s shafts. I leave mine in while I exfoliate and wash the rest of my body. It means that you are not sitting around wasting time and you can even put on a mud mask.

Ditch the shampoo

When I first heard this one, I have to admittedly first reaction was “gross”. I am not talking about ditching shampoo altogether. So many of us wash our hair every day or at least once every 2 days. Instead of washing with shampoo every time, try just washing with conditioner every second time instead. This pumps up the nourishment on your locks and is an absolute godsend if you have curly hair. This is something I have found to be great for extending the lifespan of my Cliphair hair extensions as well. Great for your hair and your purse! If you want to take care of your ends don’t completely wash out all of the conditioner from your ends.



Brush right

Brushing your hair correctly is super important. While the 100 stroke rule may be a myth using a decent, natural fibre brush is what the hair doctor ordered. These brushes are gentle on your locks so won’t rip out your hair. The big tip for your brushing routine is to brush before you wash and when you have your conditioner for long-lasting knot-free locks that feel gorgeous.


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