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3 beautiful bohemian braids

There are so many gorgeous braid style out there. A lot of them are quite well maintained. Today, however, I want to show you three gorgeous styles that are carefree and un-manicured. Bohemian braids are all about the texture, the movement and the attitude. They are the perfect pairing for dresses as the weather gets warmer and you start to think about going into the festival season. If you love that gorgeously laid back look, this one is for you. Don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your looks.


Bohemian side braid

Step number 1-To begin to add your Cliphair extension if they aren’t already in then create a side part (on your preferred side). If you have clip in extensions, take out the piece that is showing on this side.

STEP number 2-Section a couple of inches of hair and tie the rest up and out of the way for now.separate your two-inch area into three equal sections. Form a tight braid with these sections, giving them a tug to make sure it is tight and is close to your head. If you need to add more strands of hair to keep it the same width, do so.

STEP number 3- Pull the braid back, to you ear and bobby pin the ends down behind your ear. Let the rest of your hair down, add heat protecting serum and straighten it then add some hairspray.


Half up braid style

Step number 1- Divide your hair half. Clip some smaller Cliphair pieces in the middle of the back of your head so your braid will look full and luscious.

STEP number 2-Let your hair down and gather half your hair on top of the wefts. Divide the section in half. You are going to form a fishtail braid by taking a small section of hair from the left side and cross it over to the right. Take a few strands from the right side and add it indie the left and repeat till the end of the braid. Secure with a hair tie. Pinch the braid to make it even fuller then add texture spray to the rest of your hair. Flip your hair upside down and shake for a more ‘undone’ look.


Around the crown

STEP number 1- add your Cliphair extensions towards the lower part of your head and once they are blended create a centre part. Add heat protecting serum and curl your hair to create mid-size curls. Separate some face-framing curls

STEP number 2- divide a section of hair near your temple into three and begin braiding a three-strand braid. Leave a couple of inches loose at the end of your braid and secure with a clear elastic. Pinch the sections then push the braid up towards your head a little to give it a less manicured look.pin in place at the back of your head.

STEP number 3- if you want to add flowers this the perfect look then finish by adding hairspray.


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