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2019’s big hair trends


Welcome to 2019! with a new year comes new trends, now that we have all finally recovered from our Christmas and new years eve fun it is time to meet the new year head on. This year it is all about being bright bold and playful. Being brave and a little bit sexy is the aim of 2019 so if you want to see what this year’s trends are keep reading. Be brave and go for one of these new trends and don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your styles.

Fiery locks for fiercely fabulous women:

The last few years we have seen women getting braver and more out their with their hair colour choices with lots of pastel shades. This trend is more natural looking but still 100% full of colour. Fiery reds and Auburn are so hot this year (excuse the pun). These tones are eye-grabbing yet sophisticated and the perfect partner for your little black dress. If you are worried about dying your Cliphair extensions, don’t be. They are made from human hair so they can be dyed as easily as your own hair. Extensions need the same level of love and maintenance as the time goes on. If you are thinking of trying a new colour this year, why not try a fiery tone?


Statement accessories

We say hair being the showpiece of so many red carpets looks last year and not just the cherry on the cake. This year is no exception. Accessories that were hugely decorative or had some statement words or phrases are going to be a big hit and not just for the rich and famous. Having fun hairpins and amazing hair pieces are going to be a big star of your show, no matter what your hair length is. One big thing that is being introduced this year is the Alice band. This is an uber headband so it is bigger and far more dramatic, be prepared to turn heads.


Up-class pastels:

If you were in love with the pastel looks that were going around last year, all is not lost. Pastels are here to stay, just in a slightly different way. On the catwalks, pastel hair has been colour coordinated with either the whole outfit or eyeshadow. These looks can either look like a 90’s pop princess or a Marie Antoinette level of sophistication.

The way you style your hair when it is a pastel colour is a key to the vibe you want to give about your style.


Mini Fringe

Mini fridges and baby bangs are not for everyone. For those who are brave and like an edgier style these will be right up your alley. Fringes that add just above your eyebrows are gone with 2018 and baby bangs are sticking around for 2019. they don’t have to look picture perfect, that is part of their charm, but it definitely needs a professional to get you the best baby bangs possible.


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