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2 low-key looks that are great to wear on a flight

Early rises, last minute packing, trying to fit all your essentials into tiny plastic sandwich bags (annoying and not great for the environment) and running to catch the red-eye flight to your much anticipated holiday destination. It can feel like the beginning of a movie and it is just preparing to go away for a week. With all of the other preparation going on the last thing, most of us think about is our hair. Flights are never comfortable but it is so much less so if you haven’t got your hair in a style that both looks and feels great. Today I want to share with you some of my favourite styles to travel in, so keep reading if you are planning to rock it on holiday.


The low bun
I think low buns are great for day to night looks and are super easy and comfortable, which makes them perfect for a flight. Start by adding your extensions so your hair is lovely and thick (and you don’t have to pack them). Brush your hair once they are in to help them blend then split your hair in half vertically. Fold the left over the right and loop it around and pull it through the gap you create to form a knot at the nape of your neck. Do it one more time to make a second knot and secure with a hair tie right under your knots. You can pinch your sections to give them a little more body then fold any ends up and pin then under to finish.




Side fishtail
Fishtails are brilliant for both staying in place and looking great. They may take a little bit more time to create but the finished product is brill so it is well worth spending a few extra minutes on your hair. It is brilliant if you are jumping right off the plane and plan on going site seeing straight away. Put a full set of Cliphair extensions in, if they aren’t already, make sure you are happy with how long as your hair is then divided your hair in half. I would suggest starting your braid behind your ears. Take a small section from the outside of the right side and move it across to the inside of the left side. Pull it tight then repeat the other direction. You should now have your first cross. As you reach the nape of your neck you should have all of your hair from that section incorporated so bring your hair over a shoulder continue until the ends. You may want to wrap the ends around and pin them into place. Pinch the sections in the plane so there is less chance anything will fall out and you will still have a great style.

The great thing about both of these styles is that they are functional as well as fashionable. They are made to hold when you sleep in them and are out and about so enjoy your trip!

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