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10 things you didn’t know about your hair


Our hair is a weird and wonderful thing. It is literally a living accessory that your body produces. With so many of us having different styles and types of hair it is important that we get our facts straight to give our hair the TLC that it deserves and make it the best possible. If you are as into hair extensions like me, we also have some facts in there too. #wearcliphair

Fact #1: Your hair can give away your story

like trees, our hair can tell how much sleep we have had, how we have treated it and even where we have travelled. Your hair can give away which water was used on it and, as water is different in different countries, can tell where you have been.

Fact #2: Premature greying

Grey is in at the moment but if you find you are greying when you don’t want to them, look at your genetics and stress levels.

Fact#3: Perms

Big hair is in fashion and, therefore, so are perms. Perms can be done at home but professional perms not only look better, but they are also better for your hair too.

Fact#4: What is Remi?

We have heard of the word Remi but what does it actually mean? When you are looking for extensions there is a difference between Remi, non-remi and virgin hair. Remi hair is considered the best as the cuticles are kept intact and are going in the same direction. This reduces the likelihood of tangling and it blends really well with your hair.

Fact#5: How many hairs do we have?

This does vary from person to person but, generally speaking, we have over 100,000 hairs on the top of our heads.

Fact#6: Furry truth

Hair and fur are more similar than you think. They are made of essentially the same thing. We have all heard of keratin and that is what the protein in both are built upon.

Fact#7: royal reds

As well as some famous redheads including Queen Elizabeth the 1st and Prince Harry it is believed that some Neanderthals were redheads. There was genetics indicating red hair from remains that are 50,000-year-olds.

Fact#8: Do blondes really have more fun?

We all know the old saying that was made famous by Marilyn Monroe is that blondes have more fun. Is it true? Not according to a Harvard 2006 study. The blonde babies were actually less outgoing and more withdrawn.

Fact#9: Alopecia is quite common

that’s right, it is more common than you think. It can often stem from three causes: stress, genetics and hormone changes. Somethings that can help are wearing a wig until it gets better and diet/ lifestyle changes.

Fact#10: Volume or length?

Do you love hair extensions? Me too! Something I didn’t know about was that almost half of us only use hair extensions for volume and not for extra length, whatever the length, your hair will look great.


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